Odds are, tomorrow (10/17) we will be posting up a new Machine Head video. The video is for the track "Crashing Around You" off their latest release Supercharger. "Crashing Around You" was to be the first single released off Supercharger here in the United States, but due to September 11th, that plan has changed...but Machine Head frontman Robert Flynn will explain all that himself. So, check back, as we will be putting the video up for "Crashing Around You" along with words from Robert explaining why this video will not be seen anywhere else in the United States. Again, a special page for this feature should be up tomorrow. On the lighter side of Machine Head news, they are wrapping up the last few dates of the Roadrunner Road Rage Tour with Fear Factory, Chimaira, and Ill Nino (in Albuquerque tonight, then 3 dates in Texas, and concluding in Atlanta on 10/23). So, let's give you a Machine Head True Story From The Road... As Robert tells, "We've had a couple of events." One of which happened a couple weeks back on the tour...and though Robert wouldn't tell the exact town or city where it happened, the event you are about to read went down somewhere a 'few' hours outside of Chicago. Turns out one night a couple band members and some of the crew were a bit 'drunk'. Well, late, late that night at a truckstop they happened to encounter a couple 'drunk' off duty policemen. Apparently the cops didn't like how some of the band & crew looked (i.e. long haired hippie folk) and a brawl ensued. No further details were disclosed ceptin for the fact that their differences ended there at the truckstop, and as Robert tells, "both parties involved agreed to let sleeping dogs lie." Last words for the day from Robert, "the tour has been going amazing...its been a blast, for sure." Until tomorrow... new release SUPERCHARGER in stores now