On top of Madina Lake being on Blender Bytes this week, Blender.com is also hosting a quick interview with Matthew and Nathan on topics ranging from the town of Madina Lake to where they plan to go musically in the future and much more. Watch the interview here

Roadrunner is partnering up with Boru Vodka as they launch their "Defend the Bar Band" contest, giving unsigned bands and music fans all over the U.S. the opportunity to win dozens of prizes, including a digital release through Roadrunner Records and $10,000 worth of new equipment from Musician's Friend.

Visit www.boru.com for complete details on participating, and to cast your votes, which will help narrow the field down to 4 finalists. Visitors can also enter the "Defend the Fan" sweepstakes for the chance to receive daily music downloads and win $5,000 or a Boru branded jukebox.


Madina Lake's debut CD, From Them, Through Us, To You, is in stores now.