MTV has chosen Madina Lake as their "Unofficial Correspondents" for the 2007 VMAs. Tag along with them on tour and on the weekend of the big event as they get the "unofficial" report from all the Vegas VMA hotspots. will be filming a special "Road to the VMA's" event with Madina Lake at the Tod Motor Motel located at 1508 Las Vegas Blvd South on September 5th.  Madina Lake will host their own VMA's party where they will give away their own awards and perform their hit song, "Here I Stand" live.  We are looking for fans interested in appearing in the video, which will air online at September 8th and 10th.  If you are interested and over 18, please come to the Tod Motor Motel at 7pm on September 5th.  First come, first serve. 

Check out the first episode, where Madina Lake takes you backstage at Projekt Revolution to hang.

Madina Lake's debut CD, From Them, Through Us, To You, is in stores now.