we want to ask a huge favor from you guys. Our new record Attics to Eden comes out on May 5th and we couldn't be more excited.. we think you're going to love it and can't wait to get it to you!! There have been some super cool radio stations that are already supporting us by playing the first single "Never Take Us Alive" which is where you come in. If you get a chance and can find it in your hearts to call up your local stations and tell them how much you love ML and want to hear "Never Take Us Alive" on the radio we'll be forever in debted to you!! We'll be on tour for the next 2 years so I guarantee we'll get to thank you in person soon enough. hope everything rules in your lives!

WJBX - Ft. Myers, FL - 239-482-1620
WRRV - Newburgh, NY - 845-451-9778
KXRK - Salt Lake City, UT - 801-359-9696 or Text 79640
Sirius Alt Nation - 888-426-4258
WTZR - Johnson City, TN - 866-770-7625
WKRL - Syracuse, NY - 315-424-7625
WRWK - Toledo, OH - 866-240-1065 or 419-861-1065
KUCD - Honolulu, HI - 808-296-1019
WBRU - Providence, RI - 866-382-9555 or [email protected]
WGRD - Grand Rapids, MI - 616-770-9473
KHBZ - Oklahoma City, OK - 405-840-5271
KCCQ - Des Moines, IA - 515-232-0105 or Text 55981
KRAB - Bakersfield, CA - 661-842-5722
WARQ - Columbia, SC - 803-695-9935
WROX - Norfolk, VA - 757-640-8552 or Text 50352
WJSE - Atlantic City, NJ - 609-927-1027