(yes, the same site that's currently soliciting votes to determine the Greatest Keyboardist Of All Time) has just posted an epic interview with blues-rock guitarist Kenny Wayne Shepherd, whose new album How I Go will be out August 2.

In the interview, Shepherd discusses a variety of subjects, including the actual recording of the album, saying, "I definitely like the band to play live in the studio. We don't go in and do things one instrument at a time...The kind of music I make is meant to be played live by musicians working together, inspiring one another, vibing off of each other. When you don't do that, I think you can hear a disconnect. When you nail the groove of the rhythm section and my rhythm guitar, then you've got something to build on. In a lot of cases, what you hear are the first passes."

He also talks about how he creates his solos, saying, "You know, when I go in to do a solo, I do so with a clean slate. I start playing and try to be as spontaneous as possible...99 percent of what I do as a soloist, both live and in the studio, is me going out there and feeling the vibe of the song...You know, I'm not trying to impress anybody at this point. I'm 34 years old, and I got my first record deal when I was 16. When I was younger, I wanted to show everybody what I could do, so I was burnin' and burnin' and burnin'. More and more, I find it's not how many notes I can play but which notes I play…and how I play them."

Go read the whole thing!