December 16th, 1996 proved to be Sepultura's last show with frontman Max Cavalera. Well, someone was smart...this historic show, played at the Brixton Academy in London, was recorded. Now, almost six years later, this concert is to be released as a double cd. The name, Under A Pale Grey Sky. Release date, September 17th. We are now one step closer to readying this release - the track listing has been confirmed. It is as follows: Disc One 01. Itsari (intro) 02. Roots Bloody Roots 03. Spit 04. Territory 05. Breed Apart 06. Attitude 07. Cut-Throat 08. Troops Of Doom 09. Beneath The Remains/Mass Hypnosis 10. Born Stubborn 11. Desperate Cry 12. Necromancer 13. Dusted 14. Endangered Species Disc Two 01. We Who Are Not As Others 02. Straighthate 03. Dictatorshit 04. Refuse/Resist 05. Arise/Dead Embryonic Cells 06. Slave New World 07. Biotech Is Godzilla 08. Inner Self 09. Policia (TITAS) 10. We Gotta Know (CRO-MAGS) 11. Kaiowas 12. Ratamahatta 13. Orgasmatron (MOTÖRHEAD)