Soulfly and Cavalera Conspiracy frontman Max Cavalera was recently interviewed by The Scream Queen; during the course of the conversation, he talks about the band's working methods in the studio, songwriting, and more.

Says Max about maintaining a live energy in the studio, "It's tricky, but there's ways to do it. A lot of times, just get everybody pumped up, the whole band, and we write a kick ass song, everybody feels really killer. And then you, normally, when you just make it, you imagine how this part's going to be when we play live! And it's 'Hell yeah! We're going to fuck shit up, you know, we're going to turn it up when we play this live!'...But in the studio atmosphere, it's a little - yeah, like you said, kind of cold, because there's only four walls, and you don't have a crowd there. So you have to imagine how it's going to be when it eventually hits the fans and when they get it, when we play it in front of them, how killer it will be. So, you have to be creative, use the imagination kind of thing."

Regarding his songwriting process, he says, "I write all of the riffs before I enter the studio, so I just sit down with my guitar and four-track machine and drum machine, and write the majority of the stuff and then I put that on the CD and I send that to Igor [Cavalera, drummer] and Marc [Rizzo, guitarist] and they all get the CD with fifteen songs - almost complete songs. And then we take that CD to the studio and we make that CD into kind of the guide of what we use every day. We pick a song off of that CD and make it into a real song."

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