The next phase is upon us in the world of the ME + YOU = NIGHTMARE contest, which was previously held here on the site. In honor of the track "Nightmare" off Dry Kill Logic's debut The Darker Side Of Nonsense, we asked YOU to tell us what the line "ME + YOU = NIGHTMARE" means to you...Well, the entries have been opened, and are here for the viewing. Check 'em out, see what everyone's view is on this line. These entries will be narrowed down to 10, which will then be voted on by YOU to see who gets the prize (limited edition lithographs - autographed by the artist and the band - of the artwork from DKL's debut album THE DARKER SIDE OF NONSENSE). Sit back, do whatever it is you do to get in the mood, and read on...the entries can be found HERE (the WILDCARD section).