Having just released the brand new concept album Hang Cool Teddy Bear in May, Meat Loaf has been hitting the press circuit hard. But one question that's on everybody's minds is 'Tell us about the storyline!' If the video for "Los Angeloser" (see it below) is any indication, it's pretty complicated, and definitely innovative. In an interview from retrocrush.com, Meat Loaf goes further into detail on the storyline, how he feels about the album as a whole, and why he just can't stop listening to it himself!

Read an excpert below, go here for the full interview, and if you haven't done so already, get your copy of Hang Cool Teddy Bear right here!

So Hang Cool Teddy Bear has been out for a couple days now, what’s the buzz like for you?

I’m emotionally attached to this record. More than any other record I’ve ever done. Not because I think it’s the best record I’ve ever done, but it’s the one record that I’m really emotionally attached to. I feel like it is mine by myself. Even though I had these…incredible people around me, working and working and working and doing spectacular…I mean, without them it’s nothing. But that’s how everything is. Without somebody helping you, I mean, if I’m not talking to you, you can’t write the article. You can’t write the back and forth. It’s a give and take on everything you do. So I’m real emotional about this record. If you’re a rock and roll fan, if you’re a “Bat Out of Hell” fan, you’re gonna love this record. To be honest with you, this is “Bat Out of Hell 4″ without it being called that.

Could you tell us a little bit, for those that aren’t as familiar with the details of the album, the story about the growth of this character. Could you elaborate on that?

So it’s the story of a soldier named Patrick who’s 24, and he’s been wounded in a battlefield. And instead of his life flashing backwards, this particular character’s life flashes forward into scenarios and scenes of what could be in his future. And it’s what’s keeping him alive, that’s what’s going on. These delusions and his nightmares are what’s keeping him alive. This thing could make a brilliant stage play, there’s 3 more songs that go with it, it’d be a brilliant stage play. It’d be really serious from time to time, but it’d be one of those comedy dramas. It has real elements of humor about it. I think it gets hysterically funny. I mean, I laugh really hard.

You know what? I haven’t stopped listening to this record. I’m going down to radio interviews this morning here in LA, and I’m getting in my car and listening to my record on the way there to the radio station. Because I just had to hear it again. I’ve listened to it, like 150 times now. I can’t get over how good it is. I’m like a teenager who’s got his first love.

It’s always a good sign when you enjoy listening to your own work. It’s gotta mean something special to you then, not just some product you churned out, you know?

No, man. And the other thing is that there’s nothing I would change about this record. There’s not a note I sang, not a note anybody played, there’s not a lyric that is off. I scrutinized over every lyric. I made sure that every lyric built the song and the character and the moment we were working in. There’s been other lyrics in past albums that haven’t done that.

That’s the great thing about Steinman lyrics. That little thread runs all the way through it. Not every songwriter can do that. I made sure that this album did that, just in a different way.