Norridge, IL, this is the news update y'all have been waiting for: MEET CRADLE OF FILTH. Yes folks, you heard it right. MEET CRADLE OF FILTH. Amongst their current tour travels, Cradle will be hitting Rolling Stones Records for an in-store on December 9th. Details are as follows: MEET CRADLE OF FILTH! THURSDAY DECEMBER 9TH 4PM ROLLING STONES RECORDS 7300 W. IRVING PARK RD NORRIDGE, IL ph. 708-456-0861 ...and for those of you in Denver, let this serve as a reminder for the in-store this coming Monday (11/22) at Independent Records. Details are as follows: Independent Records 937 E. Colfax St. Denver, CO O80218 When: November 22, 6-8:30 pm ...and for those of you living near none of the above, check our TOUR section for all upcoming CoF dates