Boston, Massachusetts is a historical city, even for metal standards. It had a large underground hardcore scene in the 90's and was ground zero for new genres over the past decade. Killswitch Engage, Shadows Falls, Unearth, The Red Chord spanned multiple genres and some were considered pioneers. It should be no surprise where SignMeTo Roadrunner Records artist Motherboar gets their inspiration from.

Motherboar's track, Croctosquatch, which is being featured on The Best of SignMeTo Roadrunner Records Sampler, oozes Boston metal. The quintet describes themselves as, "the inner turmoil of Bigfoot  if he got really pissed off and decided to start a mountain man tribal fight club." Check out their video for the track, and be sure to download the sampler for FREE!

Motherboar - Croctosquatch

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