Megadeth guitarist Chris Broderick, who grew up in Colorado, was interviewed by the Denver paper Westword when Gigantour rolled through town recently. He discussed his memories of the local music scene and his pre-Megadeth bands like Jag Panzer and Nevermore

In 2010, Megadeth played on the campus of Denver University, where Broderick studied guitar. He recalls it as "a return to school in a way, because I spent so much time at that university. It was definitely a very cool experience." His instructors didn't make the gig, though; says Broderick, "The University of Denver is a very traditional music school -- so they don't have an understanding when it comes to the metal side of things. I could have invited them, but if they did show up, it would have been out of courtesy, not really because they would have wanted to be there."

Broderick also talks about coming onto the music scene in Colorado just as it was ending, saying, "I barely caught a glimpse of the tail end of the metal movement. There was definitely a metal scene in Denver back in 1988, in that era. You could play warehouses, parties, or you could just rent out rooms. You could throw a party, and it was guaranteed to pack a place. It was just awesome. That was when I began to play gigs. That ended very quickly, and then it became playing empty bars [laughs]."

Megadeth will launch a short U.S. tour with Rob Zombie in May.