Megadeth guitarist Chris Broderick was recently interviewed by He spent the week between Christmas and New Year's tutoring fellow players, alongside Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick, at the first annual Skolnick & Broderick's Winter Guitar Retreat in upstate New York, and he talks about that, as well as Megadeth's most recent album TH1RT3EN and more.
Broderick is a guitar teacher in what little time he has between Megadeth tours; he says, "When they get a new idea or technique down, you can tell they want to take it home and own it. Then they woodshed and utilize the information. That's by far the most rewarding thing about teaching. I realize that everybody's an individual, and their strengths and weaknesses are who they are. As a teacher, I'm always trying to identify those things as well as their learning traits. I try not to overwhelm the student at first. I try to ease them into it."
Regarding the band's latest album, he reveals that there was no unified vision when they first entered the studio; he says, "We had talked about what we wanted it to do in terms of live performance. We were thinking ahead about how we want these songs to come across when we play them out. That was really it. Once you sit down and start writing, the songs take their own course. Sometimes, you can't deny the way a song wants to go and it almost develops itself. Once you're in the studio, that's what tends to happen."