Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine made an appearance at the fourth and final Metallica 30th anniversary concert at San Francisco's Fillmore on Saturday, December 10, playing five of the band's earliest songs with them. Three days later, he was interviewed by Powerline, and talked about the experience.

"I had some mood swings," says Mustaine. "There was some ups and downs and stuff. And, you know, got excited, and kind of got impatient, ‘Let’s go. I’m okay. Well, lets go!’ and this kind of thing and that’s just the artist in me. I’m just squirrely like that."

He continues, "'Jump in the Fire' was the first song I brought those guys. And 'Phantom Lord' and 'Metal Militia' were songs that I brought to them, too, and the only other song was 'Mechanix' which later changed to 'Four Horsemen.' And the rest of those songs were written by James (Hetfield) or by Hugh Tanner or Lloyd Grant and that’s why those guys were there...I was locked into Lars’ playing and James’ playing. Me and James, we were like the the Toxic Twins back when we played together and we were a very very dangerous duo. And for a moment I think I stirred some of those old feelings up. I saw one of the videos and it looked like he was having fun. I know I was having fun. I had a smile that I went to bed with."

The wide-ranging interview also covers the 2012 return of Gigantour, the recording of Megadeth's latest album TH1RT3EN, and more. Read the whole thing at this link.