Megadeth bassist David Ellefson was recently interviewed by The wide-ranging conversation covered the band's new album TH1RT3EN, the "Big Four" concerts, and even the remastered versions of Megadeth's back catalog that were released a few years ago.

Regarding TH1RT3EN and his personal contributions to it, Ellefson says, "As far as creation goes, 'New World Order' was the main one. As a bass player, this is probably the most liberated I've ever been on a record. I think a large part of it was because the song ideas were laid down. Dave [Mustaine] and Jonny K. [producer] laid them down. That allowed for each of us to come in and bring our best to the table. As opposed to when you write in a room together and then you make demos, then you finally go record the record, sometimes the songs just get worked to death and it loses a lot of its spontaneity and its freshness. So I think that's what you're hearing on TH1RT3EN. You're hearing a lot of the spontaneity and it's a very fresh sound. Because these were all the first original ideas we came up with for the songs."

The whole interview is worth reading; check it out at this link.

Megadeth's TH1RT3EN is in stores now; get it on iTunes or at your local Best Buy.