Rave reviews keep pouring in for Megadeth's devastating new album, United Abominations, but not even these could compare with the enthusiastic response from RR.com readers across the planet - read a few of them HERE.

Visit the album's official ECARD to see what all the hubbub is about and listen to a bona fide new Megadeth classic in "Washington Is Next!" If it don't get you moving towards your nearest record store to pick up the CD, or downloading United Abominations from your favorite store or online retailer, well it may just be too late for ya.

Click HERE for some shots of Megadeth's recent in-store signing, and stay tuned to RR.com for more opportunities to get your CD signed by the guys in a city near you.

If you pre-ordered from Gigantour last year this is the week to redeem your pre-order card at F.Y.E. for your copy of the album!


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