In an interesting article, members of Dream Theater, Megadeth and Queensryche comment on the way social media has changed their interactions with fans.

Megadeth's "Megadeth, Arizona" website was one of the first such spots online, allowing fans to communicate with Dave Mustaine and the other members of the band. Says Mustaine, "I think the fans deserve to be clued in. I can dig when musicians go, 'Man, we want to be mysterious,' but ya know, when you're alive and your fans can actually come and talk to you, don't be some stuck-up twat! C'mon man, tell us what you're about!"

The members of Dream Theater, particularly guitarist John Petrucci, have recently become much more involved in maintaining their online presence following the departure of drummer Mike Portnoy. Says Petrucci, "It's something that we enjoy doing. Everybody's very eager to get involved. Mike Portnoy certainly did a lot for the band. He was out front and he was the communication between fans and the label. I really appreciate everything that he did. But you tend to get a little bit detached from what's really going on. To give you an example, I didn't even know there was a promo video for the Black Clouds & Silver Linings box set until they asked us to do this one. Now everybody is way more in the loop and involved, and we're keeping things that way on purpose. It's just having better communication."

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