Korn guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer and Slipknot axemen Jim Root and Mick Thomson were singled out on ArtistDirect.com's list of "Six String Titans of the 21st Century."

The site's editors praised Munky for his work on Korn's latest album, The Path of Totality, saying, "Munky finds a way to make his classically distorted, dystopian riffs work seamlessly alongside a dubstep symphony. It shows true talent, as Korn reinvent themselves and rock music yet again."

Regarding Slipknot's guitar team, they had this to say: "Slipknot are one of the most inventive metal bands ever. Specifically, they have redefined the role of percussion in heavy music, with a cavalcade of drummers and percussionists on stage. That said, their riffs and guitar licks perfectly compliment and lead the vitriolic parade. Jim Root and Mick Thomson serve as the perfect conductors."

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