Korn's new album, The Path of Totality, will be in stores Tuesday, December 6. In preparation for the arrival of this pathbreaking disc, ArtistDirect.com has rounded up a slew of the band's peers to talk about Korn's influence on them.

Sid Wilson of Slipknot says, "The first time I heard Korn, I saw them on television. I stopped everything I was doing and my exact words were, 'Holy shit! These guys are going to be fucking huge!"

Jeff Kendrick of DevilDriver says, "Korn was the band that every young, angry, and confused teenager like myself longed for. I first discovered Korn when [DevilDriver drummer] John Boecklin showed me their debut album. I don't think that I have been the same since. To this date, their show is still and will always be the craziest concert I have ever been to."

Skrillex, who produced three tracks on The Path of Totality, says, "The first Korn record was what started that whole wave of music, changing the standards and what music is now. That was the first one I ever owned. When I was eight- or nine-years-old, I went to a thrift store and there was this little 25-cent basket that had hair bands and scrunchies. There was a Korn tape in there. It was just a white slip over a cassette. There were two tracks—'Blind' and 'Clown.' I got it, and I was terrified by it. It was so incredible. It was actually scary in a good way."

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Oh, and here's a special preview of The Path of Totality: