Amongst your internet travels on this fine Monday, check out Therein you will find some newly reviewed albums to the site. Dig around their 'Reviews' section...a couple snippets from the above are as follows (and remember, not our words, but The Darkest Hours'): downthesun: WOW! These amazing grooves sounds killer! Very heavy groovy riffs that remind me of Machine Head, Soulfly and Fear Factory (don't worry , it's not a rip off, but if you like those bands you'll love DTS)... Jerry Cantrell: This solo album is like the resurrection of Alice In Chains...All the songs got the AiC vibe and the vocal harmonies are amazing! Sepultura Under A Pale Grey Sky (out now): The vocals are intense, the guitars are very loud in the mix and the rhythm section is solid as a rock. The production is near perfection. You close your eyes and it seems you are right in front of the stage. Theory Of A Deadman: Catchy melody, big chorus, strong guitars and powerful frontman, these are the best word to describe this new unit that will probably cath the attention of many hard rock fans. Hard to explain but you know what? The songs ROCK.