The first-ever physical issue of music magazine AltSounds is featuring none other than Methods of Mayhem mainman Tommy Lee on it's inaugural cover (see left).

Jam packed with all sorts of music-related goodness like interviews, reviews and much more, issue #1 is not only showcasing the prominent musician on their cover, but also features an extensive interview with the drummer-turned-frontman inside.

Setting the stage for what's to follow, Altsounds writes, "If ever there is a man that requires no introduction, it's Tommy Lee... There aren't many people that can genuinely claim they've changed the face of metal forever: only a select few have been elite enough to do so. Tommy Lee, however, is one of them. And he's been busy..."

Within the interview, Lee explains how "Nobody's ever made a record with the rest of the world, and I wanted to be the first to do it." The record in question is his latest offering for Methods, A Public Disservice Announcement. Featuring samples from musicians and fans from around the world, the eclectic output truly is a groundbreaking endeavor.

Watch a video from Tommy's time in the studio going through submissions from would-be collaborators below, and go right here to see more.

A Public Disservice Announcement is out now. Get your copy of the landmark album at this location, and to learn more about Altsounds' cover story on Tommy Lee, go right here.