Tommy Lee has rocked every continent multiple times, sold millions of records with Motley Crue and on his own, done everything a musician dreams of doing, except he’s never made a record with the entire world. Now, his band Methods of Mayhem will release a brand new album on September 21st that accomplishes just that. Entitled A Public Disservice Announcement, Lee invited fans from around the globe to submit their parts to his songs.

With the help of, Lee was able to post his scratch tracks, and sift through the copious amounts of submissions to find what would make the album. Of the winning contributions was Canadian guitarist Peter Cernohorsky.

Canadian news source The Providence reports, "Thanks to rocker Tommy Lee, radio listeners will soon get to hear the work of Vancouver guitarist Peter Cernohorsky. Lee's upcoming album, A Public Disservice Announcement, includes parts submitted by musicians from around the globe. One song, "Time Bomb," features a solo by Cernohorsky..."

"It's pretty crazy to think that a part I recorded in five minutes in my kitchen will be heard on such a grand scale," Cernohorsky wrote in an email. "There has also been talk of me hitting the stage with Tommy when the tour comes through town."

"Time Bomb" featuring Cernohorsky is available for digital purchase and can be found on iTunes now. A Public Disservice Announcement is out on September 21st, but the album is available for pre-order at a special discount and including some bonus extras at this location.