Methods of Mayhem's The Public Record project -- where fans have the opportunity to contribute to each track on the upcoming record -- is coming to a close this weekend as the band has posted their final track for the album, "Rise Up."

If you've been following Tommy Lee's daily updates, you know the submissions from all over the world have been amazing. From crazy instrumentation to great guitar and drum tracks, and of course some downright hilarious interpretations, the band has chosen their contributors for 10 of the 11 tracks in mind for their upcoming album.

If you want in on the Mayhem, this is your last chance to be a part of it all with "Rise Up." So Download the raw tracks now and get to work!

Watch here as Tommy Lee and producer Scott Humphrey give you some artistic direction, and make sure you get your submissions in by January 17th.

Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming album, and check back to see if Tommy picked your submission!