Tens of thousands of fans, musicians and eccentrics set out to answer the call of Methods of Mayhem mainman Tommy Lee when he asked the universal you to join him on his brand new Methods record A Public Disservice Announcement.

Tommy and his team of musicians including guitarist J3 and DJ Aero sat down with producer Scott Humphrey at the helm to record the scratch tracks and rough cuts of the eleven songs that later became A Public Disservice Announcement. But before they were finalized, fans from around the globe were able to take those cuts and add their spin, licks, beats, keys, and/or riffs to it and send it back in hopes that they'd be part of music history and the new Methods of Mayhem album.

Well, folks, now the time has come to check out the results. As A Public Disservice Announcement hits stores today, many of the musicians sampled throughout the album will be finding out that they are a part of the mayhem in the CD's liner notes for the first time!

If you're one of those people, or if you know one of those people, we want to hear from you! Let us know all about your sample, what song its on, and how stoked you are to be featured!

And even if you weren't part of the public record, make sure you check out what what Gears of Rock says "represents Lee’s heaviest work in years" by picking up your copy of A Public Disservice Announcement now!

The album is available in record stores everywhere, but if you want to pick it up online, check The Roadrunner Store here or get it digitally on iTunes right here.