Nickelback bassist (and frontman Chad Kroeger's brother) Mike Kroeger was recently interviewed by; he talked about the band's charity efforts (and why they don't talk much about them), becoming friends with their opening acts, the meaning behind their latest single, and more.

Says Kroeger of Nickelback's charitable donations, which don't get much publicity, "You know, generally speaking, we try to keep that under the radar...we try to keep most of it under wraps just because it sort of feels like it's private and we don’t generally prefer to use that as a marketing angle, as it were. But, yeah, we do help out. We help out all over the place."

He says the band has become friendly with the bands opening this year's Here and Now tour, Bush, Seether and My Darkest Days: "We’ve worked with [My Darkest Days] before and we generally become friends with everybody we tour with. We’re also friends with Seether because we’ve worked with them before and now we’ll become friends with Bush as well, you know? We like to have a friendly relationship with everyone we work with."

Kroeger also discusses his recent realization that the phrase "this means war" is an English-language specific idiom, saying, "we didn’t even realize it until we started talking to international publications but it is kind of an expression in the English language that we didn’t know that other languages didn’t have it. So, I was talking to Brazil a little while ago, somebody in Brazil, and they were like 'So, is this about the Afghanistan war?' And I was like, 'Oh boy, okay, I’ve got to explain something to you, man…'"

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Nickelback tour dates in support of Here and Now continue through the summer; Here and Now is available now in the Roadrunner webstore!