Rhythm Magazine out of the UK took a poll of its readers for the 50 greatest drummers of all time. As Mike said here:

"When I saw the October 2009 issue of UK's Rhythm Magazine with the '50 Greatest Drummers of All Time' reader's poll on the cover, I must admit I was curious to open it up and see if I had made the Top 50...

Well, after quickly scanning through the 40's, 30's and 20's and not seeing my name, I was beginning to sadden that perhaps I didn't make the cut.... : (

But then I read on and was surprised to eventually find myself all the way at the top of the list at #5!

Thank you to all the drummers that voted me into such a prestigious poll....

I am truly flattered and honored to be held in such high regard with some of my greatest drumming heroes!

Thanks for all the love, : )

Mike Portnoy"

The Top 5 were:

1. John Bonham

2. Buddy Rich

3. Keith Moon

4. Neil Peart

5. Mike Portnoy


Dream Theater recently released a digital-only EP for Wither.