We are about 2 weeks into our tour with Dragonforce and everywhere has been pretty fuckin insane! We couldn't ask for better responses from you badass motherfuckers! You are making us feel like a fucking headliner every night and for that we thank you. We sold out of our EPs last night in Edmonton. This first batch of CDs was supposed to last us through the next 2 tours and we are already out.

Thank you soo fucking much to all of you crazy fuckers who rocked out at the shows and bought an EP or t-shirt and took time out to say hello to us! We appreciate it.

If you have not seen us yet we should be through your city in no time. We hope you are ready to fuckin’ rock!


Uncle Michael

ps: Canada is fuckin’ crazy and the States are gonna need to step it up when we return!  People always used to tell us that the Canadians were pussies but I think that our Canadian crowds would have kicked the shit out of our American crowds in an all out crowd brawl.... just sayin’.  Not to mention the beautiful Canadian pussy! God bless Canada!

And America... just Canada a little more today.”