The bare bones whereabouts on Nickelback, Ill Nino, Obituary, Machine Head & more... A little odds and ends... Nickelback - They will be playing in Canada on New Year's Eve...this marks the first time playing back in their hometown since they started touring in support of THE STATE. They will be playing additional Canadian dates with Everclear in February (see TOUR DATES for details). Other than that, have you seen their new video for the track "Worthy To Say"? We'll do our best to get it up on the site shortly... Machine Head - What do you want to know? Well, you asked the questions, check back for the answers shortly after the New Year. Ill Nino - They just came off a local New Jersey date with label mates, Glassjaw. Currently Ill Nino are mixing their debut Roadrunner LP and putting together content for their official website which should be up and running shortly, very shortly! And hey, here is a reminder for you - Ill Nino will be playing at L'Amours 12/30 with Biohazard and Candiria (see TOUR DATES for more details). Obituary - One of the leading death metal bands of ALL TIME! I mention them here to remind you that ANTHOLOGY is coming out in January, just around the corner. A must have for any death metal cat, ANTHOLOGY culminates 10 years of Obituary's history and includes 2 never heard before tracks. Sepultura - The tribe is back home in Brazil since their stay in NYC. In addition to mixing NATION whilst here in NYC, the band did a whole lotta interviews - One of which was for MTV's Ultrasound. The interview, in which the band touched on the breakup with Max and went on to discuss how Derrick was incorporated into the band and has become like family to them, should be aired sometime in February. We'll keep you posted. And of course, they spoke about their upcoming LP. Check out for some exclusive photos behind the mixing board. And one last note to you all...I just noticed a posting someone did in the Forum section of this site. Go to the MOSH PIT MADNESS forum and check the 12/28 entry by Bad News Barnes. Good job Bad News! AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!