As written earlier, October 30th (the day of the devil) will bring us a new release from the Misfits - Cuts From The Crypt. Well, a new release per say (see previous Misfits news story). Tonight we throw out a song which will be on this upcoming release, a track titled "Dead Kings Rise". And it goes a little something like this: "Dead Kings Rise" was the sound of the Misfits in 1996 - running hard on muscle, adrenaline and evil intents. Recorded freshly after the band won its name and right to perform back, the song itself was nearly the title track to the record which signaled the band's awesome resurrection: 1997's American Psycho. While "Dead Kings Rise" never made it to the final record (only released as a bonus track on Psycho's very limited vinyl version), casual fan and hardcore fiend alike cannot deny its thrust and power. We've included the original recording of the song here - recorded during 1996's "Mars Attacks" demo sessions, which shows just how explosive the power of the Misfits unbound really was. Check out our MUSIC section for the download of this track. Misfits currently on tour, check out for details new release Cuts From The Crypt in stores 10/30