Killswitch Engage are known for their explosive live shows, and Mix Magazine knows it all too well. Exploring the band's sound rig and gear, as well as the crew that keeps it all in check on tour, photographer Steve Jennings captures a behind-the-scenes look alongside some on-stage shots of the band doing what they do best.

Check out some of the photos and captions below and head over to to peep the rest.

On this tour, the opening acts and Killswitch Engage are all mixed on the same board, so front-of-house engineer Jordan Coopersmith opted for a Digidesign D-Show.

Monitor engineer Nate Moore mixes on a Digidesign Profile loaded with the standard VENUE Pack Pro plug-ins, including Smack! on vocal channels, BF76 on bass and Fairchild 660 on snare.

Killswitch Engage guitar/bass tech Josh Mihlek

Bassist Mike D’Antonio uses an Ampeg SVT-VR bass head. “We don’t mike his cab anymore; we’re currently using three DIs: an Avalon, a rackmount SansAmp and the DI on the bass head,” says guitar/bass tech Josh Mihlek.

Justin Foley’s kit is miked with Sennheiser 901 and Heil PR40 (kick), Audio-Technica AE3000 (snare top/bottom, rack tom), AT4021 (hi-hat, ride), AT4040 (floor toms), 4050 (overheads) and Shure Beta 98s (cowbell, crash, china).

Guitarist Joel Stroetzel uses a Splawn Nitro 100-watt head with KT-88 tubes for his main tone, and a Fuchs Clean Machine 1x12 combo for his clean tone.

Guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz's Mesa Boogie is found understage, miked with a Shure SM7 and a Heil PR 40.