Today (07/16) officially marked the start of mixing for the 36 Crazyfists debut Roadrunner release - Bitterness The Star. Yes, we are aware that we previously wrote, via direction of The Production Gospel According To Dave, that mixing would probably commence on July 9th. Dave was unavailable for comment...and did not return phone calls regarding this week delay... While the band is back home in Anchorage, Alaska, the mixing duties will be handled by the same cats that recorded the project - Scrap 60 Productions. Mixing is taking place at Red Clay Studios in Suffern, NY. Figure for the mixing of this LP to last around the 2 week time period, as is SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). This is The Production Gospel According To have been warned...Phase II is upon us...resistance is futile... Please note - there is a new Mailbag session up in our IN THE PIT section. This week's session features a great email about 36 CF from a fellow Alaskan cat named Jeff. Jeff, thanks! Your line was greatly enjoyed. As for the rest of you, you can check it out HERE. Also Note - before the week's end, we will have some new 36 CF pics posted here on the site.