In what is to become somewhat of a 'regular' segment here on the Roadrunner site, we present to you Mr. Roger's Hood - words from Ill Nino's percussionist Roger Vasquez...when he is in town. This 2nd installment of Mr. Roger's Hood finds Ill Nino back in town (NYC) after touring for the past month with Spineshank and Chimaira (of which they got back just yesterday - 07/09). Roger's words are as follows...enjoy: "Greetings Nino's and Nina's. Just got back from the Spineshank tour - it was awesome touring with our new brothers, and we made even more new brothers in Chimaira, Sw1tched and No One. See, it's all about the brotherhood, in Mr. Roger's hood... a memorable moment on the past tour - it's about 11:00 in the morning, and we are scheduled to play in Odessa, TX that day. We're driving around, and there is no sign of a club in this town that we are in. After making more than 3 wrong turns, we finally pull into the 'Rodeo Fury' - at least that's what I call it. Once inside, I could not believe my eyes - one side of this place was a full rodeo pit, covered in bull cheese and piss. The other side was an actual club with a full stage, full bar, and full service, no doubt. Dividing these 2 joints under 1 roof was a glass wall. You could actually watch the cowboys riding the bulls, in both glory and defeat, when you're playing on stage. It kinda made me feel like I was on 42nd St before Guliani got his hands on other words, I felt right at home. I want to thank our new family from Odessa, TX, we had the bomb time out there, and hopefully we can kick it again, soon (no pun intended). looking forward - I gotta say, I can't wait until we sell records, so I can open up a chain of Dominican rice and bean jointz throughout the West Coast. I couldn't find a platano out there to save my life! You can get Mexican food, but can't find 'real deal Dominican' food. Not to diss Mexican food, it's choice, no doubt. But there is something about Dominican food that moves your bowels in a different way. All in all, my bowels did fine... 'til next time. Keepin' it real my kizoe Roger 'Babalou' Vasquez" Viva la Revolucion... Ill Nino's debut release, Revolution...Revolucion to be in stores this summer. Click HERE for a sporting preview of what is to come.