What is a somewhat 'regular' segment here on the Roadrunner site, we present to you Mr. Roger's Hood - words from Ill Nino's percussionist Roger Vasquez...when he is in town. This 3rd installment of Mr. Roger's Hood finds Ill Nino back in town (NYC) after finishing up their most recent tour with Chimaira, Factory 81, and 40 Below Summer. The band has been home since this past Tuesday (09/04) and will be hitting the road once again one week from today (09/14) for the upcoming Roadrunner Road Rage Tour featuring Fear Factory, Machine Head, Chimaira, and of course, Ill Nino. Roger's words are as follows...enjoy: "Greeting Locos and Locitas, It's been 7 weeks since we've rapped. Just got off the road on Tuesday. Real happy to be back in the motherland, NY f'n C! This time around we kicked it in the Midwest, once again with our bros Chimaira, 40 Below, and the great white hope Nate & Factory 81 (Nate is the singer of Factory 81). I gotta say that I discovered a new favorite band (Factory 81), these bruthas kicked ass religiously every damn night, was an honor to tour with them. Big ups n' shout outs to 40 Below. I hope you guys are enjoying the Mudvayne tour. Now down to business... memorable moment - Wetlands. New York City. 9:30 pm. I'm backstage warming up, gettin ready for the Terror Dome, no doubt. I look to my right, and I see a vision of god. But it wasn't exactly god, it was better. It was Max Cavalera, you punks know who I'm talkin about. After pissin my pants in disbelief, I go up to Max and Gloria (Max's wife) to introduce myself. Of course they didn't know who the hell I was, until my brother Dave (Ill Nino drummer) legalized it by reintroducing us. Next thing I know, I'm backstage kickin it with Max and Gloria droppin knowledge (touring, kids, and straight up living). It was definitely da bomb. Emergency! Emergency! Roger's mouth am a hurtin' - pt I - Dallas, Texas. Early August. The whole damn day I was feelin kinda freaky, which normally I wouldn't think twice about, ceptin this time it was really f'n with me. Shit, there was a feeling in my mouth like biting into a NY hot dog after being boiled in that puddle of water that you can only find in the meat district on the West Side, 14th Street. You know the place, where at night all the hookers, drag queens, druggies, and yuppies (same difference) chill...you know, the kinda folk I hit Sunday mass with... Infected! Infected! Rog's mouth in pain - pt II - Damn. No doubt. At this moment, everyone's enjoying some good ole home cookin at Dave's mom's house. It was choice. Chicken, lasagna, cakes...and beans & rice...of course! The bathroom we punished after that feasting won't soon forget what is now known simply as 'the beating'. After all that flash, we get back into our 10 bunk co-op, our RV...much like that of 20 Latinos uptown livin large in a section 8, 1 bedroom apartment, payin $39.99 a month. And a bargain at that. 2 hours into the mission heading to the next show, the pain was just too damaging. You know I ain't lying... Get this, I gotta get my ass to the hospital, but we're in Uganda right now and have no clue where we're at...actually Texas, but who really knew? Deep in the ass of Abeline, TX we finally run into Abeline Medical. The ten of us storm outta our co-op like a bunch of Dominicans running for the border (I can say that, I'm ½ Dominican). As we're walking into the emergency room, you can rapidly see fear growing in the eyes of the staff, much like the look in my mom's eyes when I told her I wanted a Prince Albert, and then the look in mine when I realized what one actually was. Damn, here comes another dope feind the docs thought. After mumbling my info, they brought me to the back, worked me over, gave me six pills and full service...if ya know what I mean. All in less than 15 minutes. Jiffy Lube, beat that! Holy Shit, if that would've happened to me in NY, I would've still been there, now had a broken leg, seen a year's worth of What's Happening reruns, and still be in the waiting room next to some guy who just got shot on the east side while waiting for a bus. All in all, the damage was righted. I'm back in business, kickin it, and just L-I-V-I-N, Livin'. Stay tuned for memorable moments from the Road Rage Tour, as I'll be checkin in at a more feverant pace. 'til next time. Keepin' it real my kizoe Roger 'Babalou' Vasquez" Revolution...Revolucion in stores September 18th (go buy it, or Cris will hit your house and eat your family)