Welcome to Part IV of Mr. Roger's Return To The Hood - words from Ill Nino's percussionist Roger Vasquez...when he is in town. It is Wednesday, November 14th, the day before Ill Nino and the Oracle Tour (featuring Kittie plus Dry Kill Logic and Mind War Symphony) play the Limelight in NYC. Speaking of which, Ill Nino hit the stage at 9:30pm for the Limelight show. When we last spoke with Roger, he and Ill Nino were about to embark on the Roadrunner Road Rage Tour with Fear Factory, Machine Head, and Chimaira. So, how did things go? Roger's words are as follows: "Well, well, well...Welcome back slaves of the Ill-age. We're back in the hood after 6 weeks doing damage on the Road Rage tour, and most recently 3 weeks on the Kittie tour...the kind of damage you can only find at an NYC soup kitchen on Thanksgiving, 'watch it turkey'. So here's the Road Rage dilly - 10 or so days in we're kickin it 70 miles outside of Albuquerque, rollin in the co-op, the RV, no doubt. We're all in the back, facing a 12 hour ride to LA for the SMOKE OUT show...and much like getting food stamps at the welfare office, it's gonna be a loooong day honey. All of the sudden, BAM! What the fuck? We're stuck in the middle of nowhere. Son, not the kind of place you'll find a homeboy hangin in the shadow, I'm talkin the kind of 'nowhere' you can give a good time to a goat...if ya know what I mean. Where in the hell are we? - Somethin tells me this ain't the Bronx...I'm sayin we didn't have all the options in the world, so we called a limo service. The brotha offered the 10 of us a jitney ride to LA for mad cash. Now, the limo ride to LA with 11 brothers is not the problem, it's just like going to my cousin's sweet 16 in a Ford LTD, don't worry, we'll fit. The problem was the cream ($). That was dropped. All of a sudden, from the darkness came Plan B, a tow truck. Now this dude had to be the real King Of The Hill - I mean this brotha had the mesh Budweiser cap with foam padding up top, the flannel shirt, the kind you get at Wal Mart at 10 for $1, the spankin tight Wranglers, and the Catapiller work boots. I mean the brotha was deep in it. "Howdy boys. Got car trouble?" he greeted. I thought I was watching the Anglo version of Sanford and Son. Can't Ya Smell That Smell - So Jim Bob agrees to hail us into town, but with one catch - we all had to ride up in front with him in his bunker of love, just "Like A Rhinestone Cowboy..." Aside from the Aqua Velva, the Garth Brooks, and the beef jerky, it was all good. Until. Until, the gas attack. Let me make this real for y'all, imagine 11 of us eating NYC public school mystery meat, and letting happen what may. Not a fresh scent. I mean, the farting was working overtime, busier than a one legged man at an ass kicking contest. For sure I passed out at one point or another. Jim Bob. Didn't feel a thing. It was just a normal day at a rhubarb pie eating contest. We get to a hotel. He drops us off. With the conviction of a brotha on death row, he tells us "don't worry boys, yur home iz in good hands wit me." And with one fell swoop of a swig from his flask, he drives off into the early morning night with our RV in tow. All in all, we made it to the SMOKE OUT show in LA the next day. By plane. It was all good. And we made it through the rest of the tour. We'd like to give a shout out to Fear Factory, Machine Head, and Chimaira. It was brutal. Thank you very much. Much respect. Big ups also go out to the Street Team, y'all represented. And to my new found friend Jay (from Jay And Silent Bob), I look forward to seeing you on the road soon. Come up to us and say "what's up!" And of course, the fans. Oh, and one more mention. Dino (Fear Factory) played me a new Brujeria track. Get ready for some crazy shit. Till next time, still keepin' it real my kizoe, Roger 'Babalou' Vasquez" Roger, thanks for the update. Ill Nino's current tour with Kittie ends in Detroit on 11/24. The next day the band flies to Europe for their first ever shows across the Atlantic. Look out for Part V, the recap of the Kittie tour, to be written from the UK. Ill Nino will be back in the US come 12/16. Click on the following links for Part I, Part II, and Part III of this series. interesting fact - at the SMOKE OUT show in LA which Roger spoke of above, when he was watching Machine Head's performance, Tommy Lee was right next to him. It's true! (and for those of you who don't know who Tommy Lee is, go back to school and study Latin like a real man...) debut release Revolution...Revolucion in stores now