While hard at work on the upcoming Murderdolls album Women and Children Last, Wednesday and Joey took a break from recording to let ArtistDirect.com into the studio to listen to and discuss their work in progress.

Writes the site, "Women and Children Last perfectly blends the vitriolic gutter bombast of Marilyn Manson's Portrait of an American Family with the epic arena fireworks of Motley Crue's Shout at the Devil. As anthemic as it is angry, Murderdolls have made a definitive, daring rock record that'll have you chanting its hooks in the shower, in the car and even in the coffin. It's turning out to be the classic kind of ass-kicking hard rock that the world desperately needs."

During the interview, Wednesday and Joey discuss their sonic transformation in becoming more metal and setting a new record for use of the word "motherfucker."

Wednesday 13 laughs, "Your parents are going to fucking hate this album!"

"You're definitely going to have to take a shower after it," adds Joey. "Power wash or something…"

Do you feel like you're injecting more of a metal sensibility into the new music?

Joey Jordison: Completely! This is the first time we've actually sat down and written songs. The production is a lot better, and this is the first time we've really collaborated. The first record was a mix of my old band and Wednesday's old band, and we kind of threw it all together. It was just like a demo pretty much. Women and Children Last is like eight years worth of material.

Wednesday 13: It wasn't like we got together and said, "Alright, we're doing this new record. Let's write three weeks-worth-of-songs." This is eight years of demos that I've passed back and forth to Joey. With as much stuff as Joey's done with Slipknot and I've done on my own, there was so much material to choose from. I've recorded a lot, and there's stuff that's gotten left behind. Joey digs out all this stuff. I'll say, "You like that song, really?"

Does Women and Children Last preserve that classic Sunset Strip attitude?

Wednesday 13: Kind of…the title more or less exists to piss people off. Even though I'm a hair metal fan, I've become a huge Slayer fan over the years. With the way the new Murderdolls music sounds, it's everything from that Sunset Strip stuff to Slayer. It goes everywhere this time—whereas the first record was more punk rock.

Joey Jordison: I'm really excited about it. I think it's actually going to reel in a lot of the Slipknot fans because of the heaviness. We're not going to lose any fans; this album is only going to gain fans for us. We weren't like, "Okay, we're going to crank out some campy songs like we did before."

Wednesday 13: There are a few songs on the record that are going to appeal to that. However, it's a new sound for us. Women and Children Last is exciting because it sounds different. It's got that element of the old rock 'n' roll we grew up on, but we're down-tuned and it's got a new groove.

Bringing in those heavier influences, do you feel like your personalities shine through the music even more?

Joey Jordison: Yeah, the first record has the fast fills, but with this, there's more double bass. One song is so heavy that people are going to say, "That can't be them." [Laughs] But it is…

Did you envision these songs as a whole while you were writing?

Joey Jordison: Wednesday had a lot of ideas that we'd been working on, and I'll take them, re-adjust them and I'll get the frame.

Wednesday 13: The way I'll do demos is I will record a verse and chorus—just like a minute and ten seconds. If it's a good up to that point, I'll say, "Is it worth finishing?" Then Joey adds all of his magic.

Joey: It works perfectly. I'm writing a lot, and Wednesday's constantly writing. I usually always have an idea in my head, but I don't necessarily record it. It's like what I do with Slipknot; I have it in my head and I go to practice and start rehearsing. With this, it's always good because I'm on the road and Wednesday has all of these ideas. He'll email them to me, and I'll start mapping it all out.

Wednesday 13: We were sending demos back and forth up until the time Joey got on the plane to come to the studio [Laughs].

Joey Jordison: Yup! He sent me these ideas, and I thought, "These are great!" He said, "Really?" It's because he's lived with these ideas for awhile, and when I hear them with fresh ears, I'm like, "That's great! Let's work on this." Then we go from there.

If Women and Children Last were a movie what would it be?

Wednesday 13: Falling Down! For the first Murderdolls record, I was 18 or 19 when I wrote most of that stuff.

Joey: Me too!

Wednesday 13: It had that teenage angst to it. Now, we're in our 30s, and we're fucking pissed the fuck off [Laughs]. That's what this record is breathing. It's pissed the fuck off. We like it—we love it.

How intertwined are horror and hard rock?

Wednesday 13: Seeing Alice Cooper and KISS tied it together for me. I played with GI JOE's and watched horror movies as a kid and I didn't care about music. Then I would see KISS and Alice Cooper and I'd say, "Wow, you can put music to this, cut your head off and electrocute yourself. This is great! "That's where the whole theme and image came for me. Over the years, every band's been fascinated with death or something. It's all about horror movies. It's always metal.

Joey Jordison: On this record, we've actually toned a lot of that down.

Wednesday 13: It's just really violent shit this time [Laughs].

Joey Jordison: The topics are going to surprise a lot of people. We'll listen to a song and say, "That's a total radio song" and then we'll get to the lyrics and be like, "Nope, not now!" [Laughs]

Wednesday 13: I think I might've went over the limit this time.

Joey Jordison: Yeah, there are some bad ones on there!

Wednesday 13: I think this might be the most "motherfuckers" on an album in my history—ever. It's going to have two advisory stickers on it. It's just bad. Your parents are going to hate you.

Joe Jordison: It's going to have the typical parental advisory sticker and the second one is going to say, "We're serious. Fucking advisory!"

Joey, you've played with everyone from Korn and Ministry to Satyricon and Metallica, how has playing with all of those other artists influenced your songwriting and playing?

Joey Jordison: The thing is, I listen to pretty much everything. I'll even listen to stuff that I don't like just for education. I've always said, "You never learn to play at all but always strive to." That's why I like to play different styles from black metal to when I played with Biohazard. Playing with Rob Zombie now is awesome! Today was the first day Rob came in. It was funny—during one of the breaks he turned around and said, "It's never sounded that fucking heavy!" I'm having a lot of fun with that. Korn was great! It's always good to play with other people. You learn more that way.

Wednesday 13: I'm going to turn you on to some outlaw country on this tour. It's coming on [Laughs].

It's all rock 'n' roll at the end of the day.

Wednesday 13: Everyone wants to make music to go play it live, and that's your life. You spend all of this time writing songs, and you want people to be as into it as you are. Everything comes from that same spirit. You want to go out and fucking play for people.

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