recently sat down with Murderdolls vocalist Wednesday 13 to talk about the band's brand new album Women and Children Last.

In their extensive interview, the site explains, "In 1980, VAN HALEN released Women And Children First. Now 30 years later, on August 31st 2010, MURDERDOLLS will release Women And Children Last – how times have changed! 'Oh yeah,' chuckles vocalist Wednesday 13. 'It was such a good title! We knew that when people heard that title they would either be offended or laugh. I think it’s worked both ways so far. Some ladies didn’t like it, but oh well.'"

And as for the sound of the album,  Brave Words & Bloddy Knuckles sums up WACL as "undoubtedly darker and nastier than its predecessor." While Wednesday 13 tells the site, "With Murderdolls this time, we changed it up. There’s no actual horror movie songs on there. There’s stories like ‘Chapel Of Blood’ and ‘Summertime Suicide’, I guess they could be a horror movie. But we didn’t want to go back to watching Dawn Of The Dead and write, when there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the Earth. That was easy to do. This time it was more of a challenge. I wanted to sing about different themes. There’s still tongue-in-cheek fun stuff on the record and there’s more serious songs like (first single) ‘My Dark Place Alone’ and ‘Nowhere’.”

To learn more about the album in the words of Wednesday 13, go right here to read the full feature. Women and Children Last was just released this past Tuesday. Go RIGHT HERE to get your copy now.