Recorded in the Hollywood Hills with famed producer Zeuss (Hatebreed, Shadows Fall, 3 Inchest of Blood) Murderdolls' long-awaited sophomore album Women And Children Last will be released this August.

And there's no reason to wait until then to get your copy... The Wednesday 13 and Joey Jordison-led band is offering a special limited edition album packaged in a unique Murderdolls First Aid Kit for pre-order NOW.

For the die-hard Murderdolls fan, this limited edition piece is not your usual first aid kit – the frightening set includes the CD/DVD special edition of Women And Children Last, an exclusive t-shirt, digital download of the album one day prior to its release, an autographed booklet, Murderdolls patch, sticker, pill case, plus other gruesome extras you'll just have to see when you get it! Pre-order it right here.

Murderdolls are currently offering lead single "My Dark Place Alone" for FREE DOWNLOAD at this location for 48 hours only! Get it now!

Women And Children Last tracklisting is as follows:

1. The World According To Revenge

2. Chapel Of Blood

3. Bored 'Til Death

4. Drug Me To Hell

5. Nowhere

6. Summertime Suicide

7. Death Valley Superstars

8. My Dark Place Alone

9. Blood Stained Valentine

10. Pieces Of You

11. Homicide Drive

12. Rock N Roll Is All I Got

13. Nothing's Gonna Be Alright

14. Whatever You Got, I'm Against It

15. Hello, Goodbye, Die

16. Motherfucker See, Motherfucker Do* (Bonus Track For Special Edition)

17. The Funeral Ball* (Bonus Track For Special Edition)

18. A Moment Of Violence* (Bonus Track For Special Edition)