The return of the Murderdolls is upon us as the band's sophomore album (and first in 8 years) Women and Children Last hits stores today! Referencing Van Halen's 1980 opus Women and Children First in their Zeuss-produced album's title 30 years later, the devilish duo of Joey Jordison and Wednesday 13 have honed their horror-rock into something darker, grittier and more refined. Of course we're biased in are assessment though, so see what the critics had to say about the gruesome twosome's new album below.

Women and Children Last is now available in a standard edition, special edition with a bonus DVD, and in the super limited edition 'Last Aid Kit' collector's box. You can also snag a copy digitally via iTunes.

In their 7/10 review, writes, “Aside from the Murderdolls showing more of their storytelling technique, the performances this time out are much more refined. Beyond The Valley... was gloriously sloppy, and it suited that record (and its lyrics well). This time out, with the band getting a little more serious, the music had to follow suit as well. The piston grooves and precision pounding fit Women And Children Last almost too well, giving even common tracks like 'Drug Me To Hell' a sidewinding allure. Others, like 'Nowhere' and 'Summertime Suicide' come with melodies that shouldn’t be allowed to accompany tracks about nihilism and self-destruction because they’re just too damn happy to fit. And yet, they still do." quips, "one listen to Women and Children Last and I’d kind of forgotten that they had ever been away, which turned out to be one of the more welcome returns in music today (for me at least). Murderdolls aren’t reinventing the wheel but for now at least they have managed to put a new tyre on it."

In their 4/5 review, writes, "In comparison to ‘BTVOTM’ this album is much deeper and wiser; Wednesday's lyrics are less schlock-horror and more sinister wit, not to mention his voice is the best it’s been in years; Wednesday sounds heavier and more defined without depriving us and himself of his characteristic gravely scream. Joey's drums and guitars are as expected.....phenomenal; his riffs are heavy, power-laden beasts and yet, incredibly catchy, keeping you humming them for days. This is evident in tracks ‘Nowhere’ and ‘Summertime Suicide’. These are so upbeat and fun that you can’t help but sing along with the chorus even on the first listening... Overall, this is a worthy follow-up to ‘BTVOTM’ and will provide the perfect creepy soundtrack to the summer."

States, "Murderdolls have unleashed a sinfully satisfying experience of an album steeped in horrifyingly humorous lyrics and ravenous riffage."

While says, "Politically incorrect, playfully violent, happily inconsiderate, they may have spent eight years away from the spotlight but man, if this is what they were up to, fuck yeah, good things come to those who wait after all... They’re back for more blood, back for revenge, ‘scum, filth, anger and greed’, this is the world according to Wednesday 13 and Mr Jordison, open your ears and let it rip through you. By the time 'Women and Children Last' is over, you’ll be addicted and madly looking for the repeat button, just like me."