The band has just played their first two shows in six years in Southern California, but before taking the stage at LA's famed Key Club on June 17th, Murderdolls' Joey Jordison and Wednesday 13 let in on their influences and what went into their upcoming album Women and Children Last.

Writes, "Jordison and Wednesday 13 sat on an old couch, and relaxed in a room just behind the stage, as roadies began hauling in equipment inside the venue and as the line of fans, mostly in black, began to form just outside the Key Club's entrance on Sunset.

"The Murderdolls have a distinctive glam rock/horror punk sound, a different approach to what Slipknot fans might ordinarily expect. Yet, Jordison's guitar work and songwriting abilities truly stand out, in this successful mesh of thrash metal fury, hair metal attitude and punk rock ethos.

"Wednesday 13 was eager to point out that initially his main influences were '80s metal and glam. 'When I came into Murderdolls it was glam rock all the way, that was it for me,' he explained of his early days with the band. 'If you didn't play glam, suck a dick!' I didn't care about anything except for that, but now with this new record we have out, because of Joey, I've gotten into so many different bands and the heaviness shows with the music but also in my voice too,' he said.

'We listen to everything really man,' Jordison interjected in a deep voice. "From Slayer, Satyricon Darktkrone, Killing Joke, Mayhem, the Zeros, the Adicts, on and on. We could literally go on and on forever naming bands we listen to.'"

As for the album, Jordison tells the site, "The first record was songs from my old band and songs from Wednesday's old band. But on this album we wrote songs collectively. This record is heavier darker and more violent, and I consider this to be the first real Murderdeolls [sic] record."

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