bills itself as "The Online Magazine For Serious Musicians," so you know when they get access to members of Dream Theater, it's gonna be an in-depth conversation. They've just published interviews with guitarist John Petrucci and keyboardist Jordan Rudess, and there's a lot of discussion of the creative process in both, but there's also a lot of hardcore gear talk.

Says Petrucci about the band's goals going into the record, "The conversations we were having is, we said, listen, when we go in, the focus is we want to make a record that’s big, that’s well crafted. We want to play on the strengths of the band, the originality of the band. What is it that makes Dream Theater unique and special? And to try to go in those directions sort of farther than we ever have. So we had conversations like, you know, if we’re going to have a big, beautiful, soaring moment, then let’s make it the most cinematic moment that we can. Let’s really work on it, not only in the compositional sense, but also in the production, the sound, the way that it’s mixed and everything."

Rudess describes the songwriting process, saying, "In some ways, things really didn’t change, because John Petrucci and I have had this great writing chemistry through the years, and we maintained that into the new album, but of course, we got to focus in on that even more this time.  It was mostly us just kind of writing all this music.  It was a very focused process.  We really took our time.  A lot of times I would just go and I would grab my music paper and I would sit and just develop an idea.  The vibe was really, really good. "

Go read both interviews in full:

John Petrucci

Jordan Rudess

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