As you should all be well versed on this by now, Dry Kill Logic's debut release titled The Darker Side Of Nonsense came out this past June 19th. AND, they are currently on the road with Fear Factory, Puya, and Primer 55. So, how many of you cats actually went out and got this piece? If you are familiar with this release, please check out the current POLL in the IN THE PIT section. We want to know what your favorite track is from this release. Ya know, if you were hearing it for the first time, which track jumps out and grabs you the most? When you play the cd for friends, what song do you preface by saying 'You have gotta hear this track'? We want YOUR opinion! Vote on our current POLL. ps - tomorrow (07/20) marks the end of the NIGHTMARE contest in the FREE SHIT section...get your entries in now.