Reminder - have you been watching Slipknot hosting MTV2's The Rock Show during the week? Only 2 nights left. Just got finished watching the last 2 days of the program, with Shawn and Chris playing host. Absolutely priceless. Check it out - showtime is 9:00pm EST. random interest blurb #1 - Did you know that Mick's first car was a '79 Mustang? Well, it's true. Mick can be quoted talking about it in the 11/08 issue of Rolling Stone: "A silver and black '79 Mustang pace car. It was a pile of shit, but is was really fast. I'd do burnouts at all the stoplights, drive like a jackass. I had to get new tires all the time. I found a junkyard that used to have a big surplus of them, and I'd go down there and get a new tire for twenty-five bucks, then I'd burn the rubber all off again." now you know... random interest blurb #2 - not sure what this really means, but someone was passing this around the office today prefacing it by saying "you're gonna love this". The following was taken from the 10/2001 issue of Ralph Magazine (an Australian publication): Every now and then, I'll have sex with a guy who is so huge and so heavy that he pins me to the mattress and I can't move. It's like waking up in bed with an R/T Charger on top of you. Or listening to a Slipknot album. who knew? Slipknot IOWA in stores now Slipknot on tour now - Pledge Of Allegiance