An update/message from Coal Chamber's drummer: What I'm doing for Christmas, by Mike "Bug" Cox ......well as all you freaks know, coal chamber has been hard at work on the new has been a long looooooooong process making this record, but the end result was very well worth it. This record has a sound I have never experienced before [mainly guitar tone wise]. Ross brought out a new found element to coal chamber that is making it new and exciting again. Since I have started the producing side of things I have learned the most from Ross, I just absorbed everything he said, except being to the studio on time..... This record we are all very proud of and can't wait to share with all of you. It is tentatively scheduled to be released in march, and we will be out on tour hopefully after all the Christmas mayhem is finished... I'm going to be home with my girlfriend and my pugs, that's all I want since my normal everyday life is very hectic.....I think I will dress my dogs up as elves...........well anyway I do want to wish everyone a happy Halloween, and tell the Easter bunny I said 'hi'......If you are all good little boys and girls, you will have a good x mas with lots of spiked egg nog, and a happy new year with more spiked egg nog. May all of your hangover wishes come true....we do thank you for the loyal support. We never overlook what the fans do for a band, you give us the energy to keep going........thank you so much bug chambers