The annual National Association of Music Manufacturers (NAMM) show is being held this week in Anaheim, California, starting on Thursday, January 24 and ending on Sunday, January 27. A bunch of artists will be there signing, performing, and showing off signature instruments and the like, so we thought we'd offer you a brief rundown of where some of our favorite players will be.

Dream Theater will be heavily represented at NAMM this year, mostly due to keyboardist Jordan Rudess, who'll be doing multiple software demonstrations for MOTU (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) and Ivory piano software (all four days); performing Emerson, Lake & Palmer's Tarkus with Rod Morgenstein at 2:30 PM on Friday and Saturday at the Korg booth; performing on a custom grand piano on Saturday; and more! Says Jordan, "I’m very involved with the technology and have an instrument company of my own, and then there’s the music, so basically when I decided that I was gonna go this year, I made myself available, and as usual it descended into madness. But it’s fun."

Guitarist John Petrucci will also be there, premiering the JPXIII, the latest version of his signature Music Man guitar. He says, "I’ve been with Music Man for 13 years, so it signifies that. When I first started with them, they had the original model, and over the years they’ve changed the design, we’ve changed wood combinations, electronics and things, and come out with different versions. There was the original, a BFR version, some cool limited edition versions, and at the 10th anniversary we did the JPX, and every year since then, when we make new findings or want to tweak something, we release a new one – we did an 11, a 12, and now 13. So I’ll be at the Music Man booth visiting there and doing signing sessions."

Robb Flynn
and Phil Demmel of Machine Head will be at the show this year. Robb will be playing a short acoustic set at the upstairs Epiphone booth on Friday; both Robb and Phil will be at the EMG Pickups booth on Saturday; and Phil is doing a signing at the Jackson Guitars booth on Saturday.

Tyler Connolly and Dave Brenner of Theory of a Deadman will be signing twice on Saturday, at the S.I.T. Strings and RoadHog Cables booths.

Trivium will not be attending NAMM this year (they're busy making their next album), but Matt Heafy's signature Epiphone guitar, the MKH Epi LPC, will be unveiled on Saturday.

If you're going, enjoy!