Today, we bring you two brand new MP3 downloads to the Roadrunner site - one from Nickelback and the other from Ill Nino. What about them? Nickelback "Woke Up This Morning" - This is the first download off their new release, Silver Side Up, which we have posted on the site. Unlike "How You Remind Me", this a song which you will probably not hear on the radio. However, like "How You Remind Me", you just might be hearing it at your local gentleman's club...if you know what we mean. Well, we'll tell you what we mean. We received an email earlier this week from a site viewer giving us her random fact for the weekly Nickelback A Lesson From The Silver Side news story. Well, this person happens to work at a strip club in Dallas, and she had her Nickelback fact to share. At one point in her message she writes "I'm trying to get ready for work, I'm going to request "Woke Up This Morning" tonight...Hell, by the time I get through singing the gospel of NB they'll be playing the whole cd." Lisa, if you are reading this, this download goes out to you. For the rest of you, check it out and enjoy. And check back tomorrow for this week's Lesson From The Silver Side. Ill Nino "What Comes Around" - we are bringing out another Ill Nino track from their Revolution...Revolucion debut. Actually, quite a growing story with this track - KROCK in NY (Ill Nino's hometown) added this to their playlist. And honestly, many other station are now starting to join the Revolution. Perhaps we have another story on our hands? Regardless, here's a story for you on the writing of this track: "What Comes Around" was the song in-progress throughout the writing and recording of Revolution...Revolucion. It originally started life as a more straightforward groove-metal track with Cristian scat-singing in Spanish over Marc's acoustic guitar line. The original verses were much more straightforward with the original choruses being completely different in melody and lyric. It was during recording that the verses took on their current approach with a much stronger and more intimate performance from Cris. The chorus always remained an issue: neither the band or A&R being particularly satisfied with it. Cris probably spent two months brainstorming over what only came together when the band re-cut some vocals with the Scrap 60 guys. Eddie Wohl always referred to the chorus as "the Staind chorus." The finished song was a surprise for everyone from the band to the record company. No one ever pegged it as the single from the onset of recording. That was always either "Unreal" or "Nothing's Clear". Well, "What Comes Around" indeed! For both the Nickelback and Ill Nino downloads, check out our MUSIC section