Just a quick line. It is Friday (11/09). A week ago on Thursday (11/01) we officially celebrated the one year anniversary of this new Roadrunner website. ONE FULL YEAR this new site has been up. We want to give a thanks out to all of you who come here, read what's going on, listen to our music, spread it to your friends, watch our videos, follow our bands...everything. We've gotten a chance to know a few of you and your personalities through our message board and the emails you send us, and look forward to learning more... So, THANKS. And to the year to come on this site, we look forward to offering up some new 'features' for you to enjoy. Keep checking back. Hey, and speaking of checking back, we are going to have some amazing new music in the year to come. Today, for the first time outside the hallowed ears of the A&R Department, the A&R staff here played new music from upcoming releases...including new 36 Crazyfists, Coal Chamber (yes, new COAL CHAMBER - watch out for this), Killswitch Engage, Soulfly, Sinch, Five Pointe O, video footage from Nickelback and Anyone, and more... All music was truly inspiring. interesting fact - a Killswitch Engage demo was played, and it was actually recorded in a band member's bedroom. it's true! Anyway, the big cheese here is taking the company out for bowling and drinks later this afternoon...the early word is that Kaori and the Hell Katz (Team #1) will take it all on the alley. Folks, have a great weekend...and we hope you are every bit as excited as we are about what is to come throughout the next year. onward & upward.