A couple Nickelback updates for ya - tonight (01/07) a couple cats from the Roadrunner office are flying out to Vancouver. Why? MTV's Diary is coming to Canada...to Nickelback, to be more precise. During the next couple days, MTV will be shooting Nickelback during their downtime at home in Vancouver - exact details of the shoot are sketch at current time, but word has it there will be a second taping session on the tour bus with the band later this month when they embark on their Canadian tour. The Nickelback episode of MTV's Diary will most likely air sometime in early February. Details on the shoot to follow come the end of the week when our soldiers return. In the meantime, we offer up some new Nickelback photos which were taken recently - some during the "Too Bad" videoshoot, and a couple others taken a few days earlier. The 6 new photo can be found in Nickelback's PHOTO GALLERY...oh, and pay close attention to THIS PIC - notice the shirt Mike is wearing??? Hmmmmm???