Soulfly and Nickelback unite for first time ever on this here the 25th day of June, Two Thousand and Two. Chad Kroeger and Max Cavalera have joined forces to create a musical super-group of is tbd, but early reports point to Nickelfly or Soulback. This meeting of the minds came about when the two star frontmen ran into each other while trying on pants at the T.J. Maxx in the Monroeville Mall in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania...just around the corner from the food court. Max, realizing fate had a hand in this coming together, was the first to mention a possible collaboration. "Nice pants," Max proclaimed! Kroeger, touched by the sentiment, immediately realized that he and Max shared more their record label and taste in trousers. After purchasing their chinos, the two hastily retired over to the Orange Julius stand to hash out future plans. Kroeger treated the Bombastic Brazilian to their famed Orange Whip. "This is how we do it up in Canada, eh," Kroeger proudly served. The new album, tentatively titled What The Fuck Is Curling & Why Are Brazilian Chicks So Damn Hot?, is slated to start recording after their respective bands' tours complete. Seriously Folks, the above was PURELY FICTIONAL, a mere comedic interlude. NONETHELESS, June 25th, 2002 does indeed link these two artists together: a date which will go down in history as the release of Soufly's third offering - 3 - and Nickelback's debut - Curb (the album they self released back in 1996 up in Canada). Soulfly 3 and Nickelback Curb in stores now