So, it is no secret that over the past few months Sinch was holed away down South recording their self titled Roadrunner debut. It is also no secret that for all intents and purposes, the full recording process for this release is complete (there is one last song that has yet to be fully mastered, that should be done on 01/18). So, where's the music? The first piece of new music we throw out to you for the year 2002 is a piece from Sinch. In what will be track #3 on their upcoming debut, the song is called "Tabula Rasa". A song which our new media and resident hardcore cat Carl describes as "fuckin amazing" (yes, he does kiss his mother with that mouth). Tis Time. Check out Sinch's "Tabula Rasa" in our MUSIC section now. very random side note - the words "Tabula Rasa" are actually Latin. AND, like most all Latin words, they are the base for our English language. Can you guess what "Tablula Rasa" means? In the English language, the word 'table' came from the Latin 'tabula', and 'raze' (meaning to erase or demolish) comes from the Latin 'raza'. Put them together and "Tabula Rasa" translates to "blank slate" or "clean slate". Was this Sinch's intention? We will get back to you on that. In the meantime, if you were not aware of the above, go back to school and study Latin like a real man. Regardless, check out "Tabula Rasa" in our MUSIC section.