artist: Misfits release title: Cuts From The Crypt release date: October 30th "Halloweeeeen,,,,Halloween!" A familiar refrain? If it sounds like the MISFITS, it is. And out of the shadows, Jerry Only and crew come blasting to the fore with a new LP menacingly monickered Cuts From The Crypt. Not a new album, per se, Misfits' Cuts From The Crypt is a collection of largely unreleased material from 1995 to present. Tracks included date back to the Misfits 1996 "resurrection" when Jerry Only, his brother Doyle , drummer Dr. Chud and new vocal recruit Michale Graves came raging back into action with a fury and fire that not only equaled but occasionally surpassed the Danzig days of legend. Working with the band, we've included a number of unreleased tracks from that era which have been come to be known as the "Mars Attacks" demos - including the totally unheard "Dead Kings Rise" and the seven minute opus version of "Dr. Phibes Rise Again". While some of these songs did make it to the Misfits' American Psycho LP, the songs and performances have a fire about them that American Psycho failed to surpass. Add in a blistering Stooges cover, a handful of new, unheard tracks featuring Jerry Doyle, Chud and Michale Graves, a ghoul's share of B-sides and even "The Monster Mash" and the Misfits have a holiday treat - complete with razor blades in the apples - in store for us. Track Listing is as follows: 1. Dead Kings Rise - 96 "Mars Attacks" session 2. Blacklight - 96 "Mars Attacks" session 3. The Haunting - 96 "Mars Attacks" session 4. The Hunger - "96 "Mars Attacks" session 5. Mars Attacks - 96 "Mars Attacks" session 6. Dr. Phibes Rises Again - 96 "Mars Attacks" session 7. I Got a Right - Stooges cover 8. Monster Mash 9. I Wanna Be a NY Ranger 10. Scream - demo session for Famous Monsters 11. 1,000,000 Years BC - Famous Monsters B-side 12. Helena 2 - Famous Monsters B-side 13. Devil Doll - Famous Monsters B-side 14. Fiend Without a Face - unreleased 15. Bruiser - unreleased 16. No More Moments -unreleased 17. Rise Above (live) - Black Flag cover with M25 tour line featuring Robo and Dez of Black Flag Oh, and did we mention the release date (yes, actually we did)? October 30th. Fiends, BEWARE...the Misfits walk among us once more... note - as tradition dictates, the Misfits will be bringing their live show for the Halloween season. Current dates are as follows: Tues: Oct-9 - Minneapolis, MN: 1st Ave Thurs: Oct-11 - Chicago, IL: House of Blues Fri: Oct-12 - Cincinnati, OH: Bogarts Sun: Oct-14 - Milwaukee, WI: The Rave Tue: Oct-16 - State College, PA Crowbar Wed: Oct-17 - Allentown, PA Crockodile Rock Cafe' Thurs: Oct-18 - Pittsburgh, PA Metropol Fri: Oct-19 - Columbus, OH Al Rosa Sat: Oct-20 - Detroit, MI Harpos Sun: Oct-21 - Cleveland, OH Peabody's Wed: Oct-24 - Cambridge, MA Middle East Thurs: Oct-25 - Cambridge, MA Middle East Fri: Oct-26 - New Haven, CT Toad's Place Sat: Oct-27 - Philadelphia, PA Trocadero Sun: Oct-28 - Providence, RI Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel Wed: Oct-31 - New York, NY: The World @ WWF NY